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Summer 2013 Notes from the Field

A special feature updated regularly with notes and photos of our staff in the field.  Featuring our summer interns, Nick and Rianna, our stewardship manager, Dave Hawke, and the desk-bound who manage an escape every now and again.

June 11, 2013:  Prairie Smoke Alvar:

Nick discovers a large hole in his rubber boot

Nick discovers a large hole in his rubber boot

Rianna discovers a Blanding's Turtle

Rianna discovers a Blanding’s Turtle


June 10, 2013:  Overlooking Grant’s Woods:

Grant's Woods outlined in Red

Grant’s Woods outlined in Red.


Dave Hawke had the pleasure of guiding Lakehead University professors and staff on an air flight over Simcoe County.  They were looking at forest cover and possible solutions to woodlot management issues.  Seen here is Grant’s Woods looking south, showing the importance of an uninterrupted connection corridor between areas.  Sadly, north Simcoe County now only contains fragments of once huge forests–driving home the need to protect what remains before it is gone too.




June 8, 2013:

Carden Bird Blitz 2013

Carden Bird Blitz:   Since 2002,  members of the Ontario Field Ornithologists and the Toronto Ornithological Club have been working with Couchiching Conservancy to track the populations of grassland nesting birds on Cameron Ranch and Windmill Ranch.

On June 8 there were  36 participants who ‘blitzed’ the area by counting birds at  pre-determined listening posts.

June 5, 2013:  Kris Starr Nature Sanctuary

This lovely example of bear scat was found on the Starr property as staff conducted the Ecological Land Classification project. Being a fairly fresh deposit, staff remained alert.