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Supporter Spotlight: Harry Hall

Harry and Marian Hall

“If you want a quiet place, go to the alvar”, Harry said. Whether by canoe, snowshoe or foot, Harry is always looking for nature.

Harry Hall has always been interested in nature. Growing up in Toronto, when Bathurst was still a gravel road, he spent many of his summers on Lake Dalrymple with his family. In fact, his family had owned the ‘tip’ of Avery Point Road on Lake Dalrymple since 1874. Although they would all go out on the lake to fish and enjoy the lake, Harry commented that they never really explored the area – not the nearby roads or alvar landscapes. Although he knew there was something different about the area, Harry didn’t know how rare the alvar was!

His life’s work has been dedicated to caring for the health of people, as a physician. As well as practicing in Orillia, he also spent much of his life travelling around the world, working on locum tenes (when a physician works in place of the regular physician), in places like New Zealand, Western Australia and more. In all of these places, Harry was also looking for remote places and rare nature. “You never know what you’ll see when you go out in nature.”

Since Harry and his wife Marian moved into their home on Avery Point permanently, they have been able to spend much more time exploring the alvar. Harry would see these strange birds, fascinating plants and trees – what is that? He attempted to learn them all.

Having heard about local conservation efforts through one of the founders of The Couchiching Conservancy, Ken Thomson, he got involved right away. First, as the property monitor for the MacDonald Property (now a part of Cameron Ranch/Carden Alvar Provincial Park) and more recently Prairie Smoke Alvar. It’s fitting that in his spare time, Harry has focused on caring for the health of the land, in particular the land near his home.

 “As anyone who has worked with Harry already knows… “what a great guy”. Harry’s obvious passion for the outdoors, and being outdoors, is inspiring; always curious, always sharing, always a part of the group. In the few years I’ve had the pleasure of working with him, Harry has consistently been on-site, on time and with whatever equipment is needed on hand. As the saying goes, “I wish I had a hundred more just like him”. Or not… because I love his uniqueness. Thanks for all that you‘ve done for the Conservancy Harry, every hour has been appreciated.”

David Hawke, Stewardship Program Manager

When asked where he would like to see The Couchiching Conservancy in five years, his answer, of course, was to have more land protected and help to build a corridor of wilderness between here and Algonquin Park.

Harry and Marian have been long-time supporters of The Couchiching Conservancy, and we are so thankful for their dedication to protecting nature for future generations. “We all do our bit. As long as I can keep paddling my canoe, say hello to the eagles on Lake Dalrymple, then I’m happy.”

Written by Tanya Clark, Development Coordinator.