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Supporter Spotlight: Paul Middaugh

Paul Middaugh

Read about Member and Volunteer, Paul Middaugh, on why conservation matters to him!

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Every positive step helps.

A statement and sentiment that Paul repeated a number of times while we chatted about local conservation efforts, why he is a member and volunteer, and the state of the environmental movement across the world.

As a part of the 70s generation, Paul saw the negative effects on the environment in many cases due to a lack of awareness. There are many issues we are still faced with today, but by being a member and volunteer, Paul is motivated by the progress made and wants to work with an organization that preserves and protects what is left. Every positive step helps.

When Paul and his wife moved to Orillia over ten years ago, they had visited the city often and always enjoyed it. With nearby access to downtown, the lake, natural areas and more, it was the perfect place for them. Throughout his life, he always had an awareness of nature and the value of the natural environment. With his work in photography, construction and energy auditing, he has knew of how important stewardship of the environment is.

Paul first heard about local conservation efforts with The Couchiching Conservancy through the Orillia Packet & Times and then the Conservancy website. Paul became a member and volunteer soon after, putting his organizational skills to good use as the Wine Club Coordinator, an important role that had been waiting for the right person. The Wine Club was started over 10 years ago, a partnership with the Pelee Island Winery. The orders go in twice a year, and Paul acts as organizer of the orders along with Courtney Baker, Administrative Assistant.

For every bottle of wine ordered, a portion goes back to the Conservancy. The bottles have special labels with photography provided by David A. Homer and Arni Stinnissen, two skilled photographers and Conservancy supporters. The next wine order will come in time for the holiday season. If you would like to be informed of when the orders are due, please contact Courtney Baker at the office.

“I love working with Paul. He has really taken all of the pressure off of a file that required a lot of time to track and it has freed me up for other items. He writes the letters, checks on the orders, is the main contact for Pelee Island Winery and has even arranged for their rep to come meet with us so that we knew we were getting the best wine for the members. When I think we should call, Paul has already done it, when I think we should email a question, I open my inbox and Paul has cc’d me on that very question. He is an amazing help. Not everyone is willing to take on a fundraising file like the wine club and Paul makes it look easy, I am extremely grateful that he reached out to us.” – Courtney Baker

Paul’s message to those of you interested in making a positive step: “Do it! Every little bit helps. I feel we generally spend too much time thinking and talking about what we might do while we could be doing it.”

Thank you to Paul for his great efforts with the Wine Club and for supporting local conservation efforts as a member of The Couchiching Conservancy!

Written by Tanya Clark, Development Coordinator.