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It’s Event Season! Join the Passport, Challenge & Walk

Birding, Walking, Biodiversity and Wilderness. Take part in some of the great upcoming events to connect with nature in our neighbourhood!


In the News: Wildlife On the Move

A decade ago, we would visit Niagara-on-the-Lake for a glimpse of these species, and marvel that their ranges just barely reached into the southernmost bits of Ontario.


This is a Community Striving for High Ideals

Running a charitable venture may be among the hungriest of business pursuits.

You have no widgets to sell; you can’t ratchet up sales by improving your product line. Your customers are your employers, so you hope to get it right every time. Good will is, after all, easily transportable.


Challenge Gift: Canadian Charitable Giving Landscape

As a longtime resident of Orillia and Simcoe County, I’ve watched our community grow, change and develop over time. Some of my favourite places in town – restaurants, stores, forests and playgrounds –are still here while others have been replaced or removed entirely.


Wrapping up the 2015 Carden Challenge

For the 38 participants in the Carden Challenge, 2015 was the year of the big peel, as conditions changed from ice in the water bucket at dawn to warm and sunny in the afternoon. The early date and cool conditions, combined with high winds on Friday evening, provided fewer species than usual, especially for the biodiversity teams seeking butterflies and dragonflies. Even so, among the 143 bird species recorded, there were three new species in this 10th Challenge – Peregrine Falcon, three Red-necked Grebes off Avery Point in Lake Dalrymple, and a V-shaped flock of Whimbrel flying overhead.


The 2014 Carden Challenge Sets New Records

Eleven teams competed in the annual Carden Challenge, and in total recorded a record 158 bird species in a 24-hour period. Birds that were new to the Challenge, now in its 9th year, were Northern Shoveller, Lesser Scaup, and Greater Yellowlegs. Other notable finds included 23 warbler species, Red-headed Woodpecker, White-crowned Sparrow, and multiple reports of Yellow-billed Cuckoo.


The 2014 Carden Challenge

For birders of any skill and knowledge level, the Carden Challenge is a great opportunity to get out in the field. The goal is of the Carden Challenge is simple: raise funds to support the stewardship of Carden’s alvar and bird habitats by counting as many bird species as possible during a 24-hour period.


The 2012 Carden Challenge: Have a birding blast

Records fell like rain during the 2011 Carden Challenge and we’re hoping for a repeat on May 25-26 during the seventh annual event.

Team Ammodramus smashed through earlier records, spotting 135 species during the 24-hour bird-a-thon centred on the Carden Plain. The team of Christopher Escott, Sandy Dobbyn, Burke Korol and Michael Runtz surpassed the previous high of 126 species in the competitive category. Rumour has it they didn’t sleep. Those in the recreational category tend to be more nap-oriented.