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Wilson Point Wetland Earth Day Cleanup – Apr 22

Are you joining us for the 2019 Earth Day cleanup at Wilson Point Wetland? If so, there are some things you may like to know!


Explore local wilderness with Passport to Nature!

The 4th program of the Passport to Nature is here! 25 events throughout the year to get you outdoors to explore our beautiful region, learn from experts and get involved in local conservation efforts.


Job Posting: Engagement Organizer

There is a new job opportunity at The Couchiching Conservancy!


This is a Community Striving for High Ideals

Running a charitable venture may be among the hungriest of business pursuits.

You have no widgets to sell; you can’t ratchet up sales by improving your product line. Your customers are your employers, so you hope to get it right every time. Good will is, after all, easily transportable.


Washago a powerful part of the Conservancy community

The Couchiching Conservancy draws its strength from community more than any other single power source. It is the rechargeable battery that keeps us going, and nowhere is that energy source stronger than the Washago area.