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Lighting up the autumn – fall wildflowers

September is a perfect time to get outside and discover the bursts of colour and texture these plants provide to the landscape; not to mention their importance in the ecosystem.


Trilliums; symbolic woodland beauties

There are four species of trilliums growing in our area; white trilliums, red trillium, which are both widespread, while the painted trillium and nodding trillium are both rare and uncommon.

White trilliums bloom in early spring in forested areas before the trees above them leaf out and block the sunlight. Spring forest flowers take advantage of the time between the thawing of the soil and the unfurling of tree leaves when the forest floor is warm enabling the flowers to grow very rapidly.


Ruby-throated hummingbirds: tiny energy!

There are only a handful of birds that captivate us to such an extent that we wear clothing, drink from china cups, wear jewelry and purchase paintings and other items adorned with its image.
Hummingbirds have to be positioned near the top of that list!

Weighing in at between .1-.3 ounces (2.5-8gms), the Ruby throated hummingbird is one of the world’s smallest birds.

The Hummingbird family comprises 320 species in the Americas, but only the Ruby-throated nest in Ontario In some of the southern states as many as 125 species have been recorded. The greatest concentration of hummingbirds is, as expected, in tropical countries.


Carden Nature Festival time is coming June1-3

Now that we heading into the late stages of winter, many thoughts turn towards spring with its warmth and sunshine. And it’s a good time to remind everyone, that despite the weather, in just a few months, the Carden Nature Festival will be here for three days of nature related events.