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Notes from the Field – Spring 2017

When spring comes around, so much happens in the field that we can hardly keep up with it all. “Notes from the Field” provides a snapshot of the volunteers and staff who are outside stewarding the land.


New discoveries at Grant Wetland

Our water monitoring project is growing and moving into town this year. Every time we add a new site we learn so much we wish we had done it sooner. We console ourselves with the adage: The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.


RBC Supports Water Project for Second Year

RBC Bluewater and the Couchiching Conservancy are teaming up for a second year to monitor the water quality of critical streams and rivers in our region. There will be a kick-off event on June 2nd, which is RBC’s Clean Water Day nation-wide. Local RBC staff will join the Conservancy at Grant Wetland on Bay Street to watch our Water Team in action, learn how to test water themselves, and understand wetlands and watersheds.