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Couple put their business to work for conservation

Many business leaders are concerned about big-picture issues like climate change, the loss of habitat for Ontario species and clean water, but the colossal nature of these problems can lead to an uncomfortable sense of helplessness. Learn how Don Scott and Kristi McKechnie of Washago are taking action for the environment.


Protecting a Species at Risk on the Carden Alvar

The Couchiching Conservancy, along with partners such as Earth Rangers, have been tackling threats which endanger Bobolinks. One of the greatest threats relevant to Carden is loss of critical grassland habitat. As southern Ontario becomes intensely developed, prime Bobolink habitat is at risk. Ecosystems within the Carden Alvar remain as a sanctuary where conservation efforts can be focused in order to preserve this critical bobolink habitat.


Orillia’s legal community has big environmental impact

When you think of sectors of the community which are dedicated to helping preserve some of the natural beauty of the region, lawyers probably don’t jump to mind.

The general public has specific notions about those dedicated to environmental causes, and those notions don’t usually include suits and briefcases.