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The Carden Alvar…”a bit north east of here”

The Carden Plain is part of the “Land Between,” an area bordered by the Canadian Shield and Great Lakes Lowlands. An alvar is characterized by a limestone base with a small or no amount of soil. The birding in this area is world renowned and it is recognized as an Important Birding Area. Also, it supports unique plants that adapt to the harsh conditions of wet springs and very dry summer conditions. An open alvar vista in bloom will take your breath away with its delicate, harsh beauty.


A Unique Father’s Day Present

My children, Sarah and Cameron, never know what to get the “old man” for Father’s Day. This year they purchased the “Photography Safari on Lake Dalrymple” offered at the silent auction hosted at the Carden Nature Festival. It was an exceptional gift.


The Battle Against Invasive Plants Continues!

Unfortunately, several of our properties have seen the arrival of unwanted plant species. Yuck! The undesirables include garlic mustard, dog-strangling vine (aka DSV) and phragmites, as well as a list of species with lesser yet still negative effects (including periwinkle, buckthorns and yellow iris).


Scarlet Sumac Comes in Two Forms

On the Carden Alvar, a different form of sumac takes over where the thin soils over limestone bedrock create more difficult growing conditions. Fragrant sumac, as its name suggests, releases a pleasant citrus-like aroma when its young leaves are crushed. This species turns red in the autumn as well, but a somewhat softer, rosier shade than its staghorn cousin.


The 2012 Carden Challenge: Have a birding blast

Records fell like rain during the 2011 Carden Challenge and we’re hoping for a repeat on May 25-26 during the seventh annual event.

Team Ammodramus smashed through earlier records, spotting 135 species during the 24-hour bird-a-thon centred on the Carden Plain. The team of Christopher Escott, Sandy Dobbyn, Burke Korol and Michael Runtz surpassed the previous high of 126 species in the competitive category. Rumour has it they didn’t sleep. Those in the recreational category tend to be more nap-oriented.