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This is a Community Striving for High Ideals

Running a charitable venture may be among the hungriest of business pursuits.

You have no widgets to sell; you can’t ratchet up sales by improving your product line. Your customers are your employers, so you hope to get it right every time. Good will is, after all, easily transportable.


Adventure Awaits with Night Sky Stewardship

As the sun sets day after day, not all natural resources disappear to the naked eye, especially in locations situated in central and northern Ontario


Volunteer take on invaders to care for our earth

Garlic mustard. Purple loosestrife. Phragmites reed. Dog-strangling vine. The list of invading plants keeps getting longer, and our knowledge of how to battle them is ever changing. The species listed here, plus many more, are ones that have shown up in the Couchiching region from their distant home ranges, and they are quickly displacing the native species.


How the Conservancy Manages Forests

A great majority of the conservation lands that are managed by the Couchiching Conservancy contain woodlands. These forests may be magnificent hardwood stands, thick cedar swamps, or a wonderful mix of both conifer and hardwood; two properties even have those arrow-straight rows of planted pines. No matter what the composition, each forested area is closely monitored and managed by Conservancy staff.


A team effort; The Fawcett and Agnew property team

Looking after the dozens of protected properties managed by the Conservancy is an arduous and time-consuming task. So the properties have volunteer teams who take on the job of monitoring them on a regular basis.


Caring for the Land We Love – Fall/Winter 2015

With assistance from volunteers, we care for over 12,000 acres of diverse land across the region. Stewardship activities include property monitoring, taking species inventories, trail maintenance and more. Learn about what we have been up to this Fall.


The secret to protecting natural spaces? Teamwork

Nature reserves in Washago offer great examples of the ways The Couchiching Conservancy protects the properties under its care. They also illustrate the way teamwork combined with a passion for our home can yield wonderful results.

Thanks to the generosity of its residents and the progressive thinking of Severn Township Council, the Washago area is well-served by four properties that are accessible to the public for the enjoyment of nature.


Taking Care of our Land: Spring/Summer 2015

We help to protect thousands of acres of land across the region. All of this land requires on-going care, much of which is done by our group of wonderful volunteers.

Read about our Stewardship Activities in the Notes from the Field.


Setting Our Sights on Ramara Township

Ramara is rich in both wetlands and farmlands; two land features the Couchiching Conservancy has placed a priority on preserving. The farmlands of Ramara provide an important niche for provincial species at risk–grassland birds such as Bobolink, Meadowlark, and Barn Swallow. The wetlands are some of the most productive habitat in our region.


Volunteer Teams Care for Carden

The Couchiching Conservancy’s mission is to protect nature for future generations – a big statement that encompasses all of the work that they do today. Once a property is acquired (though a straight purchase, easement or partnership), they work to protect it with a number of volunteer property teams that conduct stewardship walks at least four times a year. These walks act as an important way to keep records, species seen and any issues that arise like dumping. It’s like keeping a pulse on the property and checking that it’s healthy and thriving. So what exactly happens on a Stewardship walk? Read this article to follow along on a Stewardship walk of Wolf Run Alvar.