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Non-hibernating Mode; Nature in Winter

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a huge fan of winter. In fact, that would be putting it mildly.
Given that humans have not evolved to hibernate through winter, I must figure out a way to make it through to springtime


Washago a powerful part of the Conservancy community

The Couchiching Conservancy draws its strength from community more than any other single power source. It is the rechargeable battery that keeps us going, and nowhere is that energy source stronger than the Washago area.


Barn swallows: Gone in 24 hours

Executive Director, Mark Bisset, recalls his experiences with barn swallows through the years.


An ode to a fine place at the head of the lake

What makes a city special? Follow along with ED Mark Bisset as he explains why he likes Washago so much.


Washago blessed with the “smell of green”

That quality likely comes from the degree of forest cover we still enjoy. A 2012 report from Trees Ontario, called A Healthy Dose of Green: a prescription for a healthy population, underlines the value of that cover.


The secret to protecting natural spaces? Teamwork

Nature reserves in Washago offer great examples of the ways The Couchiching Conservancy protects the properties under its care. They also illustrate the way teamwork combined with a passion for our home can yield wonderful results.

Thanks to the generosity of its residents and the progressive thinking of Severn Township Council, the Washago area is well-served by four properties that are accessible to the public for the enjoyment of nature.


Spring partners; flowers and bees

With the snow disappearing, it’s a great time to get out and explore our region’s forests as they get ready for another growing season.


Help Us Push the Agnew Appeal Over The Top

We are $19,000 away from reaching our campaign goal to secure the long-term care of the newly created 85 acre Thomas C. Agnew Reserve near Washago. Major donations from family members, the Township of Severn and the Ontario Land Trust Alliance have all helped us toward our goal of $77,600. Now we need your help to push the campaign over the top. The Conservancy is planning to develop trails, fencing and signage on this property in 2013 to make the property accessible to the public at the same time as we curb abuses that threaten its natural features. A ceremony is planned to officially celebrate the acquisition in the fall.


Natural Habitat Protected in Washago area

The waterways associated with the village of Washago have seen development pressure over the past several decades. However, a relatively large block of natural habitat is still intact in the area bounded by Riverdale Drive, between the Green River and Cooper’s Falls Road. This area includes a diversity of ecological communities typical of the southern Shield, as well as habitat for several species at risk.


Toxic mess dumped at nature reserve

For green spaces, sometimes it’s a story of overuse and recovery but often it is a celebration of dedicated individuals who cherish the natural values of the land. This is one of those stories.

The red-shouldered hawk was once common in southern Ontario, but suffered a decline several decades ago. Through conservation efforts this magnificent raptor has made a strong comeback.

Its recovery owes much thanks to famed author Margaret Atwood, who donated 87 acres of wetland and woodland near Bass Lake in Oro-Medonte Township to the Nature Conservancy of Canada.
Someone had thoughtlessly dumped about five large plastic containers, one of them containing motor oil into the ditch beside the road.

The oil, about 10 gallons or so, had spilled into the water-filled ditch which flows into a wetland which in turn flows into the Green River.

Although the flow was away from the Nature Reserve, we know that several Species at Risk reptiles have been found in the area and the spill could have posed a threat to these animals.

We contacted the Township of Severn By Municipal Law Enforcement Officer, Rob Martel who got the wheels in motion to address the problem.