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Setting Our Sights on Ramara Township

Ramara is rich in both wetlands and farmlands; two land features the Couchiching Conservancy has placed a priority on preserving. The farmlands of Ramara provide an important niche for provincial species at risk–grassland birds such as Bobolink, Meadowlark, and Barn Swallow. The wetlands are some of the most productive habitat in our region.


Finding a Balance: Wetland & Farmland in Ramara

The Couchiching Conservancy and the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority are teaming up to highlight the relationship between farmland and wetlands in Ramara Township.

They also want to help farmers and ranchers tap into funding available for fencing and water systems on private land that will help improve farm operations at the same time that they protect water quality.


The T.C. Agnew Nature Reserve is officially open

Joan Berndt and Susan Campbell have made a legacy for their family – a living legacy of nature that will give back to the community forever.


Reflections from Summer Staff

From April thru August the Couchiching Conservancy has employed Rianna van de Hoef and Nick Shurben as summer staff; this is their second article reflecting on their experiences.


Summer 2013 Notes from the Field

A special feature updated regularly with notes and photos of our staff in the field. Featuring our summer interns, Nick and Rianna, our stewardship manager, Dave Hawke, and the desk-bound who manager to escape every now and again.


Helen M. Butler Reserve; rugged beauty

Set back from the Severn River, this 12 hectare (30acre) property was donated to the Couchiching Conservancy was donated in 2001 by the family of Ross Butler in his memory. The protection of this land was a long held dream for Ross. Together with surrounding Crown land, it will help to ensure that cottage country always has the wildlife that makes it so special.


Natural Habitat Protected in Washago area

The waterways associated with the village of Washago have seen development pressure over the past several decades. However, a relatively large block of natural habitat is still intact in the area bounded by Riverdale Drive, between the Green River and Cooper’s Falls Road. This area includes a diversity of ecological communities typical of the southern Shield, as well as habitat for several species at risk.


East Coulson Swamp Nature Reserve

Every piece of land has a story. Sometimes it’s a tale of fortunes made and lost or historic efforts great and small.
For green spaces, sometimes it’s a story of overuse and recovery but often it is a celebration of dedicated individuals who cherish the natural values of the land. This is one of those stories.

The red-shouldered hawk was once common in southern Ontario, but suffered a decline several decades ago. Through conservation efforts this magnificent raptor has made a strong comeback.

Its recovery owes much thanks to famed author Margaret Atwood, who donated 87 acres of wetland and woodland near Bass Lake in Oro-Medonte Township to the Nature Conservancy of Canada.