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The Carden Challenge

Carden Challenge
Carden Challenge

Are you up for the Challenge?

Are you intrigued by birds? Do you ever stop to enjoy a bird call? Are you interested in learning more about them? For birders of any skill and knowledge level, the Carden Challenge is a great opportunity to get out in the field.

Put together a team of four and join us for a great annual event – The Carden Challenge!

The goal is of the Carden Challenge is simple: raise funds to support the stewardship of Carden’s alvar and bird habitats by counting as many bird species as possible during a 24-hour period. Again this year, we are bringing back a twist – you can choose to enter the Carden Critters Challenge, which counts birds, mammals, herptiles, butterfliesw and dragonflies, with bonus points for species at risk. Raising pledges is easy – we can provide you with a special flyer (below) to email to your friends and colleagues. They can give you cash, a cheque or donate online through Canada Helps. After the Challenge, we will send you a summary of the results to forward to your pledgers and the Conservancy will provide charitable receipts for donations over $20.

2013 Celebrity Birder: Dr. Anne Bell

Dr Anne BellAnne has been the Director of Conservation and Education for Ontario Nature since 2007, speaking out on behalf of naturalists across the province on public policy. She taught school in Parry Sound before going to York University for her doctorate. We welcome Anne and her team to the Carden Alvar as our special guest.

Challenge brings rewards

For the team with the highest number of species: The Carden Cup. A special trophy donated by Bob Bowles. For the Carden Critters team with most species: The Conservancy Award. Great prizes for the individual and the team with the highest pledges, and a special trophy for the top team spirit.

Want to learn more? Read our 2012 Carden Challenge Summary.

We are holding a Facebook Bird Identification Challenge for the week leading up to the Carden Challenge. Join in!

2013 Teams

Team Couch PotatoesCouch Potatoes – Giving Page

Avid birder, Ron Reid, newcomer Tanya Clark, recreational birder Mark Bisset and his daughter Claire make up Team Couch Potatoes. We are in the competitive category for birding and are looking forward to getting out in the field to see some birds and raise some funds!





Team LagerheadTeam Lagerheads – Giving Page

Team Lagerhead is the fun-loving, bird-happy team of Biz Agnew, Gregor Beck, Matt Timpf, Adam Timpf and Steven Price, toiling in the competitive birding category. Cheekily named after the endangered species symbol of Carden, the Loggerhead Shrike, we are the coveted Carden Cup winners in 2009 (check out those toothy grins!) and participants since 2006. More importantly, our family, friends, neighbours and colleagues help us raise a king’s ransom every year for the Couchiching Conservancy’s outstanding conservation work in the Carden area. Please sponsor the Lagerheads in 2013 to help “Cooch” conserve more of Carden – we promise to work the birding circle again thoroughly and enjoy another memorable 24 hours in the field!



The Loon Rangers – Giving Page

Carden Challenge competitors The Loon Rangers are training hard for this upcoming season of birding madness! The team, composed of Jeramie Jenkins, Jonny French, Jonathan Ball, and Marko “Wildcat-bird” Stevenson, is setting its sights high this year in the hopes of achieve its lifelong goal: triumph in the recreational division. For them, birding is not just a hobby. It’s a lifestyle.

Pedalling for Nature – Giving PageTeam Pedalling for Nature

Team Pedalling for Nature is the father and daughter team of Liz Ross and Jamie Ross, bird nerd John Challis, and keen birding novice Dorthea Hangaard. We are registered as a recreational team and will be doing the challenge by bicycle. Fuelled by organic chocolate and smugness, the only other thing we need are your donations.



To register your team:

By May 15th, send us your team name, team members with e-mail contact information, and category (Competitive, Recreational or Biodiversity). Registration fee: $15 per person includes Saturday evening dinner. Send to: The Couchiching Conservancy, Box 704, Orillia, ON, L3V 6K7 ronreid@ (705)689-2584 Please note that descriptions, team photos and videos are not mandatory – they are just for fun!

Resources for Teams:

Pledge Form How to set up a Giving Page through Canada Helps (for online giving) Carden Challenge rules 2013 Biodiversity Challenge Guidelines Carden Challenge Map