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Upcoming Events & Workshops

volunteers pulling garlic mustard
Mountainbikers, horseback riders, scout clubs and nearby residents came out to help

Tuesday July 3, 9 am to Noon.
One last sweep of the Garlic Mustard Patch at the Pine Ridge Entrance to be sure we got everything.  Park along the Pine Ridge Trail.  google map    

 The June 23rd garlic mustard pull reached the end of the patch, and we collected 66 bags.  We would like to make sure we got everything, however, and so if you can come out and help us do a sweep of the area, that would be appreciated.
Please park along the road named “Pine Ridge Trail”, just before the entrance to the former Pine Ridge Ski Club.

Bring gloves, water, and a good attitude.    The CC will supply the Timmy’s  doughnuts.

Read the background on this here