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Update on the Grant’s Woods office renovation

Completed Workshop

In May, we told you five things you need to know about the renovation, and now we are giving you another update on progress made to date.

After many months of planning and anticipation, finally the renovations of the offices at Grant’s Woods are underway. The starting date was delayed awaiting the building permit which we had expected to receive in early June.2015_07_20 Completed Workshop (1)

The first phase of the project, just completed, is a storage shed to relieve the garage of tools, supplies and other items used in field work. The shed forms a cluster with the outside washrooms, designed to complement each other.

The next stage in the project is the removal of the asbestos sheathing in the garage and furnace room.

The four new offices to be constructed in the old garage will be separated from the reception and meeting space and give staff the opportunity to carry out their work more efficiently and effectively.

Once the new offices are built, the staff will vacate present work space to allow construction of a large meeting space, reception area and a multipurpose room with kitchen.

The current washroom will be upgraded and fully accessible, as will the entire building with new, wide door openings and all floors at the same level.

The present main entrance will give way to become an office storage area. A new automatic exterior door and entrance will be built in the present breezeway.Grants Woods Entry

To reduce the carbon footprint and lower future building operating costs, the latest technology in geo thermal HVAC systems is to be installed. All windows will be upgraded to the highest R values to complement an increased building insulation. A water purification system will provide clean safe and odour free water from our well.

Lastly, the sale of energy from solar panels on the south east roof will further offset operating costs.

It’s an exciting project and we will keep you up to date as it progresses!

Written by David A. Homer, Chair of the Grant’s Woods Renovation Committee

Grant's Woods Plan

Click here to see a detailed version of the office renovation plans

Drawings by K.McKechnie Architectural Design

You can view more pictures of the office renovation through Flickr – click here.


This project is supported by

Ontario Trillium Foundation






Would you like to play a role in the renovations and help lower project labour costs?

We need help to :

  • construct framing
  • hang doors, cupboards, shelving
  • drywall
  • lay laminate flooring
  • wash windows
  • interior painting
  • landscaping
  • etc!

All work will be supervised, so you need not be an expert, just a willing worker!

Bruce Duncan, project manager would love to hear from you. Reach Gay Guthrie by leaving your name and phone number at the Conservancy office at 705-326-1620 or Gay will coordinate the schedules with Project Manager Bruce Duncan.

P.S. The new shed is waiting someone to apply a coat of stain to it! Be the first to call!