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Year-end donations to power New Year activities

Barred Owl at Grant's Woods - Harry Hall

Another year is coming to a close. With that, a time to reflect. What was accomplished this year? What can we do together next year? With hundreds of supporters, members and volunteers, we have many accomplishments to celebrate. With your help, we have worked to acquire 1,000 acres of land in the region in the past 13 months. Powered by volunteers, 40+ properties have been cared for with stewardship activities and projects. Thanks to support from businesses, a healthy environment in a healthy community is put at the forefront. Because of foundations and grants, programs and activities come to life.

We will share details on these accomplishments and more at our Annual General Meeting on Saturday, march 3, 2018 at ODAS Park in Orillia. We hope you can join us!

Looking ahead, there are more places to protect, more work to be done to care for the natural community that sustains us. The time to protect these places is now, while the chance is still there.

To make a year-end donation to support conservation efforts in the region, please use the donation form below.

Thank you so much for putting your passion for a healthy environment into action!